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COVID-19 Peace in the Eye of The Storm

COVID-19 Finding Peace In the Eye of the Storm.

It’s a blessing to have a relationship with a non - discriminatory deity.

For me, the spiritual Master I follow is Jesus Christ. "Yeshua"

These days - it should be more important that we use our “spiritual timeout” to revisit our inherent metaphysical intent.

Tweets, Likes and Comments are fun but unlikely to provide much comfort when staring down body bags being loaded onto a flatbed truck.

Such as it was several days ago when passing Brooklyn Hospital during a daily dog walk.

In other words ...

Things are different now.

Pandemic quarantine is the new church.

Circle lit makeup tutorials aside...

What type of spirit do you possess ?

Is spirit even relevant to the day to day Covid-19 survival?

For decades we've used film, literature and oral history to expose, profit and entertain ourselves with tales of willing and unwilling spiritual possession.

Yet we often refrain from the acknowledgment that we are in theory (or faith depending on the person) first and foremost spiritual beings created in flesh by a celestial architect with an awesome desire for benevolent parental self -representation.

Life, as we knew it - consciously or unconsciously tricked us into a collective spiritual slumber.

Without the endorsement of social media we may even have missed the most miracle ingredient of our very existence.

An ephiany of such extraordinary proportion, that many of us inadvertently hit delete on the mental text reminding us of the Father / Mother Deity so compacted with LOVE that it knowingly allowed us discover then keep the God like power of free will.

Since our beginning - our greatest power (free will) continues to be our Creators biggest disappointment.

History affirms this presumption with heinous decades of repeated slavery, crime, prejudice, greed, lust and so on.

All of which stems from our petulant abuse of God's free will.

Free will is a core element of our humanity that perpetuates our own self -destruction as we religiously and deliberately continue to turn a blind eye towards being Christ- like with using our free will to LOVE rather than hate.

Let's review.

Through SCIENCE we choose to enslave our incredible natural resources (Garden of EDEN) for cosmetic luxury and absurd real estate coinage.

With RELIGION- we choose to pedal superior celestial intimacy. Each Ethnicity claiming monarchal status to the throne of GOD. When Christ clearly states LOVE as the key to our Father’s heart.

Religion is the middle child’s often manipulative cry for attention in the sight of GOD.

LOVE is what Created Humankind.

It is LOVE what inspired LOVE (GOD) to amplify unto itself creating Earth , the Heavens and Children in the image thereof to increase its POWER (LOVE).

Yet we openly break the heart of GOD by twisting its simplicity (LOVE) into elaborate ceremonies of self adornment, idolatries and power over the earth.

For me , Covid-19 is the latest manifestation of our Colossal ingratitude.

Every generation selectively chooses to claim itself superior to the Alpha and Omega which driven by LOVE placed humans high on the celestial inception pedestal.

Is Covid-19 the hand of God?

I feel as a Christian who strives daily to converse with the Creator as instructed thru Christ that the answer to this is no.

We are loved by God.

We are his beloved children.

But like any wise Parent , we are sometimes allowed the Grace of wisdom thru error, disobedience, ego and wanton materialism.

Even now - we seek to lay blame on each other for our own undoing.

Hetero vs Gay (LGBTQ )

Christian vs Jews

Ethnicity vs Humanity

Is it possible that our transcendent power of free will drove us to attempt to enslave nature yet again for our own personal gain?

For me - the challenge (Covid_19) has rendered me once again humble.

Humility welcomes direction.

Humbleness levels the flesh tames the ego and opens our hearts.

For me , my heart is the resting place of the Most High God.

Everyday I seek humility of all things flesh and call on The Lord of Hosts the higher authority for direction in what should be done at all times.

For now, my heart (GOD within) speaks this.

Even in crisis - there can be LOVE.

Even in poverty - there can also be LOVE.

Even through fear - there can be LOVE remains vigilant(faith).

Even in unbearable grief - LOVE compels tears while faith in GOD (LOVE) secures.

Today- headlines say Death is close at hand.

Today-Death is viral on all levels.

Both deceased and socially.

But this has been true since Cain murdered Abel.

So gratitude embraces humility.

Gratitude amplifies LOVE.

So today I choose to wield God’s free will as bestowed unto me to praise Christ for this opportunity (Covid-19) to move a little closer to GOD.

CHOOSING to see each new day as an opportunity to prioritize and multiple my efforts by doing what I know will delight GOD.

To seek LOVE (GOD) in all its magnificent manifestations.

Will you? 🙏🏽❤️

Clarence K Johnson

CEO Genderswag

To God - Give The Glory

In Christ.


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