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LGBTQ PRIDE 2020 "Stronger Together".

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Pride 2020 is here!

For me, every LGBTQ Pride is always a bittersweet experience.

Even when participating as a guest on a sponsored float or marching, I was always uncomfortable by the LGBTQ inner- community disconnect with ongoing problematic issues of importance during each pride season.

Issues such as addiction, suicide prevention, mental health awareness and others.

As you graciously take the time to read this, (possibly with a chastising eye roll before kicking my rainbow painted soapbox out from underneath me),

Please hear me out.

My reasons aren’t complex.

Unless you want them to be.

I feel that as LGBTQ people,we repeatedly refuse to address with equal priority- the rare opportunity to develop / roll out substantial Awareness platforms on the negative issues secretively dissolving our LGBTQ community leading up to, during and after each new pride season.

Balance can be a good thing.

The wisdom therein is also lost in the proverbial sauce during pride season from the overly excessive fanfare,

LGBTQ Pride suffers greatly by allowing Commercialized corporate profit to dictate the focus while simultaneously making sure that the infamous LGBTQ lifestyle out dazzles our moral percipiency.

Ageism within the LGBTQ community assists us in desensitizing our inner social, economic and spiritual responsibility to negate open- ended crisis via focused long-term activism.

Instead , LGBTQ Pride places huge effort and extreme amounts of money on the public display of LGBTQ solidarity relying mostly on spectacle vs substance.

Unfortunately, it seems that the parades, parties, costumes, celebrity concerts and infamous after parties replace the rare opportunity for us to gather the masses to address serious problems that repeatedly plague our community throughout the year.

We can do better.

As active members of our community, we chose to ignore our festering underbelly with an intoxicating mix of glamor, sex, chemicals and anti-spiritual fortitude as the required staples for LGBTQ people to fit in and get in.

It ain’t the fiesta that’s necessarily causing the problem - it’s our lack of inherent conscientiousness.

In observation and practice we as LGBTQ collectively deny our connection to spirit.

History has taught us to instinctively repudiate and rebuke standardized religion because our LGBTQ lives still depend on us being able to withstand its unenlightened brutality towards us.

However, any person of faith can validate that the presence of fear as being the absence of God. And as a result, we as LGBTQ move further away from the very thing that offers us peace and self-validation

In truthful examination of spirit from its source - it is determined that love is at it’s core. As LGBTQ people - by embracing our spirits first instead of seeking the fraudulent refuge of base carnality, we can accept our equality as human beings originating from the same source.

By contrast, we as LGBTQ people find it easier to negatively internalize the hatred and fear of those who continue to unjustly persecute us out of fear from the truth that love is the great equalizer which should radiate inherently in every human as it its evenly dispersed from God.

This could explain racism at its core.

Not black. Not white. Not straight. Not gay.

Just hate and fear of the seemingly unfamiliar disguised in a variation of imaginative phobia.

Replace the physical with a spiritual truth.

LGBTQ Pride is bittersweet because of the same reason that every of Pride celebration of its kind is.

We - each individual is essentially create by love / God the source of every religious truth and its desire thru its unfathomed capacity to love on immeasurable scale.

This is where LGBTQ people fail at Pride.

We do not celebrate love internally. We preach with passion and sincere pain the importance of being loved and viewed on equal ground by our shared capacity to love but we lack the spiritual fortitude to practice this equally and above our creative gifts to celebrate the physical life and all its vices and positive possibilities.

God has given each representation of its unlimited power thru love earthly monuments of itself through the our physical diversity manifested by melanin.

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Yet as with most communities, that traditionally assemble the masses annually to highlight its attributes - LGBTQ Pride (particularly here in the US) refuse to address our weaknesses, challenges and goals as a crucial part of our yearly pride celebrations.

Like any great teacher - I feel spirit (GOD) delights in seeing his children mix it up !!!

The Equality of our human race is for me as a subject always feels like the elephant in the room.

I will use this analogy to leave us all with the prayer that we humans will one day stop ruining a perfectly magnificent painting.

In the eyes of love (God) we each represent just the right dot of necessary color to make his masterpiece complete.

For this reason - Id like to believe God (Love /source) gave LGBTQ people the rainbow as a parental wink to draw all of us in closer.

Maybe now some of you reading this will see why any pride celebration that does not bare this as its dominating theme will forever be bittersweet.

If this concept can be established diversely with refelction to our community challenges - maybe the annual pride celebrations would have a more profund positive effect in the everyday lives of LGBTQ people.

Yet even the origins of LGBTQ liberation via Stonewall Riots (June, 1969) is tainted with a the racially biased coverup demoting the two valiant trans/ drag women of color who threw the first blows of retaliation. (See Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera respectfully)

The LGBTQ white wash of the multi- racial contributions of our community in it's social liberation - echoes the American historical fallacy of over dignifying it's founding fathers and

deliberately eliminating black and brown skin people from our important contributions in our hsitory books.

Applauding the limited heightened annual awareness of each and every LGBTQ Pride celebration as a beckon of light in the lives of the many LGBTQ people drowning in the darkness of repression, fear and anti- LGBTQ violence globally is not enough.

The colors, the costumes, the parades / parties all beautifully create a necessary tapestry of LGBTQ solidarity which can give hope to the inexperienced.

Weaknesses like LGBTQ community racism successfully assimilate atrocity by comparison with the racial discriminations of the non-LGBTQ community.

White Gays and Black / Brown Skin Gays are still essentially segregated on many levels.

This is most evident in the corporate sector where prominent LGBTQ non-profits, companies and local businesses continue to adopt the racial discrimination tactics of unfair racial profiling the same as our non -LGBTQ corporate counterparts.

Even the most noble of our LGBTQ business organizations and community strongholds display an unwritten policy of keeping its top level adminstrative positions predonimatly caucasian.

Digging deeper - we also find the crack of hatefulness widening amongst each of the letters that individually make up our beloved acronym LGBTQ.

Lesbians vs Gays, Gays vs Transgender, Transgender vs Everybody and so on.

With mutual disdain for members of our Bisexual community.

Adding more fallacy to the stereotypical LGBTQ commity kum by yah.

Genderswag was created as a personal effort to replace LGBTQ inner separatism with a more unity conscious mindset.

Our motto -"I'm ok with ME - so I don't mind YOU. That's Genderswag!" is commonly rejected by the ever widening anti-gender movement chosing to ignore it's plea for unity.

Relentless self - declaration (pronoun altercations, adding many more letters to LGBTQ ) is growing more aggressive with each new year. The question for me isn't why we do this but when do we begin to act on our unification vs egotistical separtisim.

Personally - I do get it.

I also object to being forced to identify with the label of African -American for business and social classification.

I'm American.

Not African.

The adoption of African -American serves my piece of American pie to someone else.

Similar to the Black Lives Matter Movement, LGBTQ Pride in my opinion focuses on immediate crisis while successfully avoiding the necessary long -term inner inconsistencies that weaken the social platform on an overall basis.

Black on Black crime by example is just as rampant as white anti- black police brutality especially when it reflects how easy Blacks openly sanction anti-LGBTQ violence and discrimination.

Rather than further the divide between Black /Brown skin America and it's Black / Brown skin LGBTQ by distancing myself from the Black Lives Matter movement,

I choose instead to unify myself to it's purpose in the hope that my contribution will create a better existence for Black LGBTQ people within in the Black community.

This expansion of consciousness by LGBTQ Pride towards the Black Lives Matter movement will hopefully lead our LGBTQ community into deeper awareness level for progessive change within our own community.

I pray that unity remains a priority continuously , annually, conversationally and productively for the world at large leading to a truthful ratification of the human experience.

Clarence K Johnson


Genderswag Media LLC


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