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Trans Is Beautiful. Trump Is Insane.

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Civil Rights In America is in serious jeopardy.

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis theorizes that humans are not in fact able to think independently and our value as humans is dependent upon the language of our culture / society (Larson, 2014, pg. 50). This is a very hot topic to address in 2019, for various reasons. One of the most noticeable examples of this type of theory being relevant to a person's behavior is that of our current President, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump appears to live in a world totally based on The Sapir - Whorf Hypothesis as truth. He governs the nation based totally on the language of a privileged white society which limits his thinking capacity to fairly represent the human diversity in consistency with our nation's population.

Another example would be the anti- LGBTQ discriminatory mindset a huge portion of our National Black American urban population. As a Brooklyn, Nnative of Fort Greene, I can attest to the fact NY The Sapir - Whorf Hypothesis worldview is limited based on the language of inner-city culture and society. If you don't dress, talk act , walk within a standardized socially acceptable manner community persecution can be just as bad as that of our racially dogmatic President.

The blatant psychological similarity exhibited by both our current U.S. President Donald Trump and the majority of the brown-skinned inner-city denizens nationwide exhibits an age - prejudicial fallacy based on inherited tradition that is bringing our country to its knees.

The relationship of language to thought is definitely complicated and does point towards language being a huge influence on a person's critical thinking capabilities and formation of world-view.

When we can at least be honest about the pot calling kettles black syndrome when it comes to the general overall practice of double standard discrimination in our communities across the board then real change can begin.

Thanks again,

Clarence K. Johnson

Founder / Creative Director

Genderswag Equality & Genderswag Media LLC



Abitheira, M., Aroz, R., DiCarlo, K., Larson, E., Dyer, T., Steele, J., Declan, J. (2014) 21st CENTURY

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Trans Brothers and Sisters... Be ENCOURAGED. Your existence is not that of martyrdom. But that of spiritual evolution for the masses. For too long humans have shunned the light of things yet to be understood. Like the birth of fire 🔥 knowledge must burn the ignorant before we learn its purpose - it’s value . Thank you for teaching us my Dear Trans Brothers and Sisters that the soul is worth the pain, the fear, the scorn and the torture of physical transformation to illuminate the truth. Your truth is not meant to be hidden. Nor should you hide yourself to comfort the most benighted. Real truth lights the path to enlightenment. Butterflies change. Seasons change. Tides change. Night changes into day. Our bodies change from second to second . Maybe it’s time humans learned to embrace change such as yours as a further example of our creator’s unlimited ability

to create

he most extraordinary empiricism for our sophomoric souls to grow faster than our minds -our flesh - our vanity - our fear - our cruelties so we can exist more in tune with an omnipotent higher consciousness fully capable of creating a thoroughly enriched classroom . ©️2018 All Rights Reserved Clarence Johnson Founder Genderswag Equality Genderswag Media LLC

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Transgender Could be Defined Out of Existence Under The Trump Administration

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/21/us/politics/transgender-trump-administration-sex-definition.html WITH THE IMMEDIATE THREAT OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, TRANSGENDER PEOPLE ARE AT RISK FOR DEPRESSION, SUICIDE, HATE CRIME AND ADDICTION.


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